Keopemarine was founded in 2004 as a nautical company specialized in the service of the shipyards that characterize the production district to which it belongs, dedicating itself mainly to all those activities related to on-board systems, mechanical installations, component manufacturing, technical assistance, as well as the construction of exhaust gas exhaust systems. The skills developed and the experience gained have contributed to the affirmation of the company in the nautical sector, thus also guaranteeing numerous partnerships with leading companies in the sector. At the same time, the desire and the need to better meet the needs of its customers, who required complementary services also in the industrial mechanics sector, have pushed the company to equip itself with new technologies with which today controlled productions are carried out. numerical, metal carpentry work, maintenance and repair of industrial plants, within a square area of ​​800 square meters. Therefore, thanks to the two product divisions created internally, one naval and one mechanical, Keope Marine is able to manage and satisfy every request of the end customer, guaranteeing professionalism, efficiency and daily assistance.